Automated Threat Detection and Response

Thursday, January 23, 2020

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT

60 minutes, including Q&A

Automated Threat Detection and Response, by Ty Miller
Cloud-Native Network Detection & Response, by Vince Stross

A survey of 120 Black Hat students across our Black Hat USA and Europe training courses revealed a scary statistic ... Not a single security professional in the training had the in-depth knowledge or skills to effectively carry out an incident response investigation from end-to-end to contain a breach of their organization.

Unfortunately, this is a true representation of the state of the IT security industry today and is the fundamental reason why the bad guys are winning. Whilst we continue to use traditional security strategies, the bad guys will continue to win.

With limited security skills, resources and budgets, the only way that your organization will survive moving forward is to modernize your security capabilities through automated threat detection and response.

We will discuss the problem space in more detail and how you can significantly reduce the cost of a security breach by enhancing your security operations, and streamlining your threat detection, evidence collection, evidence analysis, and automated response for real-time breach containment.

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Guest Presenter:

Ty Miller

Managing Director

Threat Intelligence

Ty Miller is the Managing Director of Threat Intelligence who are specialists in the area of Security Automation, penetration testing, incident response, cyber threat intelligence, and specialist security consulting. Ty is on the Black Hat Asia Review Board and is a long-term trainer for Black Hat, having run training with Black Hat for 10 years across Black Hat USA, Black Hat DC and Black Hat Europe. These training courses include "The Shellcode Lab", "Practical Threat Intelligence" and "The Security Automation Lab".

Ty's experience not only covers security automation and advanced hacking techniques, but also expands into traditional and cloud security architecture designs, developing and running industry benchmark accreditations, performing forensic investigations, as well as creating and executing a range of specialist security training. LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/millerty

Sponsor Presenter:

Vince Stross

Principal Security SE


Vince Stross, Principal Security SE at ExtraHop has over 20 yrs of experience in security, IT operations, cloud/hybrid full-stack development, management, and gardening. He believes that helping his customers shine a light on their unique threat landscape requires comprehensive understanding and visibility into the complex relationships of interconnected systems in the East-West traffic corridor.

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