USA 2015: Focus on Infrastructure

Our computing infrastructure, alternately uniform and chaotic, cutting-edge and archaic, is what ties everything together, and knowing how to defend and attack such systems is a crucial aspect of infosec. As such, today's trio of Black Hat USA 2015 Training previews all focus on the big I.

Whether you're penetration testing, red teaming, or trying to get a better understanding of managing local vulnerabilities, understanding advanced infrastructure hacking techniques is critical. NotSoSecure Ltd's Advanced Infrastructure Hacking will be a fast-paced course teaching a wealth of hacking techniques to compromise various operating systems and network devices. The ownage list will include Windows, Linux, multiple databases, web and app servers, routers, VoIP systems, VPNs and more, and you'll get to practice in a handy hack lab, which you'll retain access to after the class.

For another take, 0x7DF Enterprise Infrastructure Bootcamp - Journeyman Level will look at the methods and approaches required for performing internal and external network penetration tests. In a fully functional lab, you'll learn to think like an attacker and map out your target, find weaknesses, and fully exploit trust relationships. Using scenarios along with presentations, this course aims to offer a healthy mix of thinking, strategies, and the methodologies you might need for every step along the way.

Finally, the recent Badger toolset can employ automatic and operator-initiated mitigations in a virtualized SCADA environment, taking advantage of the deterministic nature of ICS traffic to take control systems defense to the next level. Tactical Situational Awareness for Critical Infrastructure will give you a hands-on introduction to using the Badger toolset to deploy measures that automatically mitigate intrusions in a fashion resembling real time. Defend your network, then try to attack it. A wide variety of exercises will benefit both mid-level and advanced infrastructure security analysts.

Black Hat USA 2015 will occur at the lovely Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas. It goes down August 1-6, so there's plenty of time to lock in early-bird discounts.

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