Discovering Sensitive Data Flows in Applications: A Code Scanning Approach

Thursday, March 16, 2023

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST

60 minutes, including Q&A

A raft of privacy-protecting regulations across the world, from GDPR in the EU to CCPA in California, oblige organizations in the private and public sectors to take the personal data of customers, employees, students, patients, and citizens seriously. This webinar will discuss how security and privacy teams can leverage a Privacy Code Scanning approach to identify when sensitive data is collected, shared, stored, and even leaked, enabling teams to see the issues within their organization’s infrastructure and address them.

Key Topics for Discussion

  • The shortcomings of the previous manual approach to listing all the privacy data within an organization (resource-intensive, point-in-time view only, etc.).
  • The comprehensive and continuous nature of the Privado approach.
  • The value of the open-source scanner available from Privado and what's possible with the Enterprise version.
  • What is on Privado’s roadmap in terms of additional functionality.
  • Answers to audience questions during Q&A.

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Rik Turner

Principal Analyst, Emerging Technologies


Rik is a principal analyst in Omdia's IT security and technology team, specializing in cybersecurity technology trends, IT security, compliance, and call recording. Rik provides analysis and insights on market evolution and helps end users determine what type of technology and which vendor they should pursue.

Rik has also worked in Omdia's financial services technology team, with a specialization in capital markets technology. Prior to joining Informa (now Omdia), he worked as an IT journalist, specializing in networking and security. He was also a foreign correspondent in Brazil, where he worked, among others, for the Financial Times and The Economist.

Suchakra Sharma

Chief Scientist


Suchakra Sharma is the Chief Scientist at Privado where he helps build code analysis tools for data privacy and data security. He holds a Ph.D. in computer engineering from Polytechnique Montréal where he worked on eBPF technology and hardware-assisted tracing techniques for OS analysis. For the last six years, Suchakra has been working on enhancing static analysis tooling for fixing security bugs at scale. He has delivered talks and trainings at venues such as USENIX LISA, Enigma, SCALE, RSA, BlackHat Arsenal, Papers We Love, NorthSec etc. When not playing with computers, he develops film photographs and writes poems.

Vaibhav Antil

Founder & CEO


Vaibhav Antil, Founder & CEO. Vaibhav founded Jukebox Studio (B2B music streaming app) and sold it to Gaana.com in 2018. In Gaana, Vaibhav was responsible for the growth of their subscribers and worked closely with the legal team for GDPR compliance for their financial microservices. Before any code was written, Vaibhav got the CIPM privacy certifications & did privacy consulting with companies for 6 months.

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