USA 2015: Caution: Disassembly Imminent

The ability to reverse engineer binary software components is more than just a fun party trick; it's crucial to analyzing malicious software, porting binary drivers to alternate platforms, auditing closed-source software for security flaws, and even just following along with conference presentations. Today's four Black Hat USA 2015 Trainings aim to add this very important skill to your repertoire, or keep it sharp should you already possess it.

Ida Pro is touted as today's premier disassembler, capable of disassembling machine languages for a large number of microprocessors and micro controllers. Two Black Hat USA 2015 Trainings will delve into the particulars of its use. The Ida Pro Basic Course: Reverse Engineering with Ida Pro will cover essential features of Ida that anyone looking to begin using it should be familiar with, and will focus on x86, 32-bit assembly.

Those who've already cut their teeth on the topic should head to the aptly named Ida Pro Advanced Course: Reverse Engineering with Ida Pro, which will cover advanced features of Ida that may be used to work through challenging reverse-engineering problems. This course covers x86 but also ARM assembly language.

Malware analysis and attack response are two key elements of our next Training, Attack Research's Rapid Reverse Engineering. This course will combine deep understanding of reverse engineering with rapid triage techniques to provide you a broad capability to analyze malicious artifacts uncovered during incident response. Complete with many labs (in which you'll get to create your own tools) you'll leave understanding how real-world attacks go down, file triage, binary obfuscation techniques, and how to extra intel from malware. Busy two days? You bet.

Finally, Xeno Kovah of believes that learning assembly is key to fully understanding how software operates, and it's also a gateway to many key infosec specialties. His Training Understanding x86-64 Assembly for Reverse Engineering and Exploits will help you bootstrap into reverse engineering, vulnerability exploitation, operating system design, code optimization, and compiler design, with a focus on both Windows and Linux tools. If he's successful, you might just come out with a whole new perspective.

Black Hat USA 2015 will occur at the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas. It goes down August 1-6, so there's plenty of time to lock in early-bird discounts.

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