Tools of the Hardware Hacking Trade

Thursday, April 23, 2014

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT

60 minutes, including Q&A

Tools of the Hardware Hacking Trade by Joe Grand

Our reliance on embedded systems, such as consumer wearables, mobile phones, medical devices, network infrastructure, and industrial control equipment, has become an inescapable fact of life. We need to seriously assess the security of such products, and understanding what tools are available for the job is a good place to start. In this webcast, Joe will take a look at the many important hardware tools used during hacking and reverse engineering, including those that monitor and decode digital communications, extract firmware, inject or spoof data, and identify or connect to debug/programming interfaces.


Joe Grand

Joe Grand

Joe Grand is an engineer and hardware hacker specializing in the design of consumer products and modules for electronics hobbyists. He is a former member of the legendary hacker group L0pht Heavy Industries and has spent nearly two decades finding security flaws in hardware devices. Joe holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Boston University and a Doctorate of Science in Technology (Honorary) degree from the University of Advancing Technology.

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