Survey: 65% of security pros say Europe is due for a critical infrastructure breach

Ahead of Black Hat Europe's return to London next month, organizers have published the results of this year's Black Hat Attendee Survey, which suggest that most cybersecurity professionals are still concerned about Europe's vulnerability to attack.

As with Black Hat's 2017 survey, about two-thirds (65%) of security professionals believe Europe is at risk of a major critical infrastructure breach affecting multiple nations within the next two years. They're also dealing with pressing issues like GDPR and individual privacy rights, risky end user behaviors, and the challenges of defending organizations against skilled attackers who know just enough to pull off effective social engineering and spearphishing attacks.

These findings and many more are explained in more detail in Black Hat Europe's new research report (simply titled "Europe's Cybersecurity Challenges"), which is based on the results of surveying 132 business leaders and cybersecurity experts across more than 20 sectors as part of September's Black Hat Europe Attendee Survey. It's completely free and packed with intriguing insights, so download it today!

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