Asia 2015: We're Back! Also: Pentest Trainings

For the second year running -- it's almost a tradition! -- Black Hat's returning to the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore to put on Black Hat Asia 2015, where the industry's brightest professionals and researchers will gather for four days of swapping the latest security know-how and intel. We aim to hit the ground running with two days of the highly technical Black Hat Training sessions we've become known for. Let's take a peek at a few of the Trainings you can look forward to.

Penetration testing shares one thing with many other pursuits: Practice and real-world application are critical to effectively learning its craft. That's where Adaptive Penetration Testing comes in. Or rather, you'll come into a fully functional lab environment, facing real-world obstacles from today's enterprises. Spanning both network and web testing, the course will give you hands-on practice with the most popular tools and frameworks, from Cobalt Strike to Veil Framework. Wanna learn to pentest? This is your Training.

Embedded devices beware, because the minds behind Assessing and Exploiting Control Systems with SamuraiSTFU have your number. Billed as a non-traditional take on SCADA security, the course will teach you how to employ NESCOR's formal pentesting methodology using SamuraiSTFU (Security Testing Framework for Utilities) to perform hands-on pentesting against embedded electronic field devices, their RF communications, and the myriad of user interfaces used throughout smart grid systems.

Finally, if you want to break free of the limits of third-party pentest tools, you can learn how to roll up some custom exploits in Dark Side Ops: Custom Penetration Testing. By the Training's end you'll have learned to bypass network-based enterprise intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), layer 7 web proxies, and data loss prevention (DLP) solutions with nothing but your own backdoors, payloads, and persistence measures. Showoff.

If this all sounds fun -- and we think it does -- you can secure your Black Hat Asia 2015 attendance at early bird rates. It's like Christmas came early.

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