Asia 2015: Bread and Butter

When you hear Black Hat, the one word you tend to think of is... well, OK, maybe "security." But hacking is surely at least a close second, and we pride ourselves on that pedigree. This Black Hat Asia 2015 intel update highlights just why, with two key Trainings that cover today's most relevant attack vectors, tools and techniques.

For example: The creators of the web likely never envisioned web-based applications becoming so prominent, yet here we are. There are web apps for most daily needs, and the desktop paradigm's continued existence does not feel as assured as it once did. But with so much exposed surface area, it's no surprise that attackers use web apps as the entry points for most breaches. In fact, some of the biggest hacks in the last year came from flaws in web apps. SensePost's Hacking by Numbers Reloaded - Web Applications Bootcamp focuses on teaching the fundamentals of web application hacking, rather than specific tools. Come to learna hacking methodology refined over thousands of assessments conducted over the last 14 years. No hacking experience required, but a solid technical grounding is a must. Expect lots of hands-on hacking with some of the finest hackers in the industry.

If web apps are a primacy attack surface, then mobile devices are a major up and comer, and that may be an understatement. With 2.6 billion mobile devices projected by 2016, mobile pentesting will only grow more important. The aptly named Breaking & Hacking Mobile Apps Training will explore how to break and assess both devices and popular apps on Android and iOS using real-world attacks and reverse-engineering tools. Among other topics, instructor Simon Roses Femerling will cover rooting / jail breaking, attacking devices at transit and at rest, setting up a useful attack lab, mobile malware, and much, much more. You'll have a busy two days ahead of you.

Have you booked your trip yet? There's still plenty of time to secure your Black Hat Asia 2015 attendance at early bird rates. Hope you had a nice holiday!

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