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Medical Monsters: Finding and Battling Demons in the Healthcare Technology

Jay Radcliffe, InGuardians | March 25-26


The last three years has seen a rapid incline of connectivity in the medical world and it is just starting to accelerate. Electronic health records, personal identifiable information, medical peripherals, and medical devices are rapidly finding their way onto and becoming the majority of traffic on networks. Hospitals, doctor’s offices and medical facilities are all struggling to not only protect vital resources, but even to identify what is occurring on their systems and networks. This two-day course will help those who have medical related technology and information on their networks to identify and protect their patients and their companies. This class won’t just give you theoretical fluff to ponder, but actual hands-on lessons that can be put into practice as soon as you come home from the conference. InGuardians not only has a wealth of experience with clients in the medical arena, but also has analysts who have had/used medical devices for over ten years.

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IT Administrators in Health related industries, Medical Providers, Medical Device Vendors, Health Care Software Developers.

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Jay Radcliffe, Senior Security Analyst, InGuardians
Jay has been working in the computer security field for over twelve years, and is currently a Senior Security Analyst for InGuardians. Coming from the managed security services industry, Jay has used just about every security device made over the last decade. Recently, Jay has presented ground breaking research on security vulnerabilities in medical devices at Black Hat and Defcon. As he is a type I diabetic, Jay has unique expertise with medical device and medical related technology. Jay holds a Masters degree in Information Security Engineering from SANS Technology Institute as well as a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice/Pre-Law from Wayne State University.