Network Forensics: Uncovering Secrets of Mobile Applications

By Eric Fulton

Thursday, June 14, 2012

1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PT • FREE

60 minutes, including Q&A

Network Forensics: Uncovering Secrets of Mobile Applications by Eric Fulton
Network and Device Level Mobile Security Controls by Scott Gordon

On the Internet, every action leaves a mark---in routers, firewalls, web proxies, and within network traffic itself. When a hacker breaks into a bank, or an insider smuggles secrets to a competitor, evidence of the crime is always left behind. But what about mobile devices? What seemingly innocuous information are they sharing with, and without, your knowledge?

In this webcast, watch as Eric Fulton analyzes mobile network traffic and discover some interesting details about your favorite applications. You will see him locate GPS co-ordinates, identify installed mobile applications, and more.

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Guest Presenter:

Eric Fulton

Director of Research

LMG Security

Eric is a specialist in network penetration testing and web application assessments. His clients have included Fortune 500 companies, international financial institutions, global insurance firms, government entities, telecommunications companies, as well as world-renowned academic and cultural institutions.

Sponsor Presenter:

Scott Gordon


Scott Gordon (CISSP-ISSMP) is a seasoned enterprise systems and information security industry executive having worked with the best and brightest innovators over the past 20 years. He is the vice president of worldwide marketing at ForeScout Technologies. Scott has advocated and contributed to the advancement of leading-edge products spanning NAC, service management, event correlation, security information management, network security, endpoint security, penetration testing, encryption and risk management. Scott is avid speaker and writer with a recently published book "Operationalizing Security".


ForeScout is the leading provider of automated security control solutions for Fortune1000 enterprises and government organizations. ForeScout's automated solutions for network access control, mobile security, threat prevention and endpoint compliance empower organizations to gain access agility while preempting risks and eliminating remediation costs. Because ForeScout's CounterACT portfolio is easy to deploy, unobtrusive, intelligent and scalable, they have been chosen by over 1000 of the world's most secure enterprises and military installations for global deployments spanning 37 countries. Withinhours, ForeScout customers can see and control everything on their network—all devices, all operating systems, all applications, all users.

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