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Sponsor Activities and Parties

Sponsor Activities

To expose the tactics and tools that have been weaponized by this dark web of cybercriminals, Cylance has gone on tour to demonstrate how modern attacks are constructed in real time, and to discuss how to prevent them. Please stop by our booth, #600, to learn more.”


Join SecureLink Chief Research Officer, Eward Driehuis, as he shares interconnected war stories on the underground, ransomware and geo political threat. He'll extrapolate their impact and risk to your organization, and indulge in a small peek into the future. Thursday, December 7 | 11:35am-12:00pm| Business Hall Theatre A


Join us in Business Hall Theater B on Wednesday December 6th at 10:15 am to learn how a new Positive Security Model approach can help you dramatically improve unknown malware detection.

You can also experience our interactive demo in Booth #500 and see how to prevent malware from executing, no matter the attack vector or method used.


Sponsor Parties

Facebook Security Decode Event - 7th December
We are hosting a Facebook Security event at our brand-new London office and have a few spaces reserved for Black Hat attendees. There will be technical talks from our London and US based Engineers and we hope you'll join us!

Please register: https://facebooksecuritydecodedevent.splashthat.com