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Black Hat Webcast No. 7

OS X Security

Thursday, January 15 1:00 pm PST/4:00 pm ET • FREE


  • Jeff Moss, Founder and Director of Black Hat
  • Tiller Beauchamp, IOActive
  • Jesse D'Aguanno, Security Researcher


Our seventh installment of the Black Hat Webcast Series arrives next week with an in-depth and fascinating look into the world of Mac Security. As the Mac platform grows in popularity both with the general public and the enterprise, we’ve seen an increase both in attacks and reasearcher interest in the topic of OS X Security.

Black Hat Speaker Jesse D’Aguanno will be presenting on the topic of "Crafting OS X Kernel Rootkits – Fundamentals." We’ll also have a presentation by Tiller Beauchamp of IOActive will be making a presentation called "OS X Security - A year in Review". Please join me and our guests for what is sure to be a fascinating conversation. Bring your questions - the last 30 minutes or so will be a question-and-answer session.

Tiller Beauchamp

Tiller’s areas of expertise include network penetration testing, web application security, IPv6 and exploit development. Beauchamp earned his M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Oregon with a specialization in software engineering. He previously worked as the lead developer for Team Defend, SAIC's portable computer and network defense exercise. Beauchamp was also responsible for maintaining the company's penetration toolkit and penlab.

Jesse D'Aguanno

Jesse "x30n" D'Aguanno is a Security Researcher and Software Engineer who has been involved in the security industry and "underground" for over 10 years. As a software engineer he has contributed to numerous opensource and commercial projects. As a researcher, he has written and published many papers and proof of concept tools. His current research interests are primarily focused on binary reverse engineering, anti-forensics, exploit development and network attack. He is a frequent presenter at different industry conferences and events. By day he works as the Director of Professional Services and Research for Praetorian Global, a security services company in California. In his "spare" time, he is the team captain for Digital Revelation, a security think tank most known as the two time winners (And almost annual participants) of Defcon CTF.