Black Hat //Webcast 25

Attacking with HTML5
// Lavakumar Kuppan

thursday, december 16, 2010

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Attacking with HTML5 - White Paper

Attacking with HTML5 - Presentation


HTML5 is a set of powerful features aimed at moving the web applications closer to existing desktop applications in terms of user experience and features. HTML5 is no more just the technology of the future as many believe; it is available right now in almost all modern browsers. Though the widespread use of HTML5 by websites is still a few years away, the abuse of these features is already possible.

Web developers and users assume that just because their site does not implement any HTML5 features they are unaffected. Also a large section of the internet community believes that HTML5 is only about stunning graphics and video streaming. This talk will show how these assumptions are completely contrary to reality.

This presentation will show how existing 'HTML4' sites can be attacked using HTML5 features in a number of interesting ways. Then we look at how it is possible to use the browser to perform attacks that were once thought to require code execution outside the sandbox. Finally we look at an attack where the attacker is not interested in the victim's data or a shell on the machine but is instead after something that might perhaps even be legal to steal!


Lavakumar Kuppan is a security researcher interested in identifying new types of vulnerabilities and attacks. His works are published on the Attack and Defense Labs website which he runs along with fellow researcher Manish Saindane. His recent works have been browser-related and he is particularly interested in emerging technologies like HTML5. He maintains an online HTML5 Security Guide and has contributed to the HTML5 Security CheatSheet project with articles on COR and Web SQL Database security. Lavakumar has spoken at multiple conferences including OWASP AppSec Asia and is also the author of tools like "Imposter" and "Shell of the Future."

sponsor guest:

Mike Shema, Sr. Security Engineer, Qualys, Inc. Author of Seven Deadliest Web Attacks and co-author of Hacking Exposed: Web Applications.

Mike Shema develops web application security solutions at Qualys, Inc. His current work is focused on an automated web assessment service. Mike previously worked as a security consultant and trainer for Foundstone where he conducted information security assessments across a range of industries and technologies. His security background ranges from network penetration testing, wireless security, code review, and web security. He is the co-author of Hacking Exposed: Web Applications, The Anti-Hacker Toolkit and the author of Hack Notes: Web Application Security. In addition to writing, Mike has presented at security conferences in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.


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