Black Hat //Webcast 15

Security Starts at the Beginning – Part 2

thursday, february 25, 2010

1000 hrs PST/ 1300 hrs EST • FREE

Sponsored by Microsoft


This month's webcast takes another look at the Security Development Lifecycle which has been an initiative Microsoft has been promoting since 2004. We have invited several more industry experts to discuss the benefits of secure development from a technical perspective.

We have extended the length of the webcast to be a full two hours of content; with each speaker giving a 20 min presentations followed by a 10 min Q&A from the audience.

Here's a look at our lineup of speakers and presentations:


  • 1000hrs PT // New Technology Wearing Hand-Me-Down Vulns
    Rob Cheyne (Co-founder and CEO of Safelight Security Advisors)

  • 1030hrs PT // Mitigating Risks to the Enterprise through Development and Acquisition
    Stan Wisseman (Senior Associate, co-chair of the DHS SwA Acquisition and Outsourcing working group, Booz Allen)
    Nadya Bartol (Senior Associate, co-chair of the DHS SwA Measurements working group, Booz Allen)
    Michele Moss (Associate, co-chair of the DHS SwA Process Working Group, Booz Allen)

  • 1100hrs PT // Exploratory Web-app Testing with Watcher
    Chris Weber & Samuel Bucholtz (Managing Partners at Casaba Security)

  • 1130hrs PT // Fuzzing in the SDL
    Ari Takanen (CTO at Codenomicon)

  • 1200hrs PT // Rolling out the Microsoft SDL with a small security group
    Russ Spitler (Senior product Manager at Fortify)