Black Hat //Webcast 19

Windows 7 Security. Is it all its hyped up to be?
// Brad Smith

thursday, april 29, 2010

1300 hrs PST/ 1600 hrs EST • FREE


At a time of year when many businesses start the system refresh cycle, one topic seems to be coming more and more to the forefront: Windows 7 Security. Is it all its hyped up to be? Direct Access, Bitlocker, DEP. Do they really work, and what are the risks? There are many often unanswered questions with Windows 7. How different is the security? Do I go full out, or incremental upgrade? What security point solutions can I replace by upgrading? Where are the new potential attack surfaces, and (theoretically) how could someone exploit them? This talk is a discussion geared toward helping you make more enlightened decisions when it comes to security on Windows 7.


Brad Smith became fascinated with computers in 1972 and hasn't burned out yet! He prides himself on his large collection of OS's from every generation of computing. He has been beta testing OS's since Win NT and SuSE 2, only problem is that they all stink. He has the ability to find holes in every OS. All Brad wants is to find a stable OS that is safe, never needs updated and works without drama.

Brad is currently the Director, Computer Institute of the Rockies. He holds a variety of security certifications MCNPS,CISSP, NSA-IAM. In addition he has been a speaker/trainer at various security conferences such as Defcon, CSI, CISCON and Interop.


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