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Making Life Difficult for Malware
// Jarno Niemela

thursday, may 17, 2012

1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PT • FREE

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Making Life Difficult for Malware
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Just about everybody has heard that malware tends to be highly sensitive for abnormalities in system configuration. It is a fair assumption that malware writers don't test their creations with anything else than basic configuration of Windows XP. So hardening your system definitely makes sense to protect against infections.

But what exactly are those settings that should be adjusted and why?

This presentation attacks malware infections from statistical point of view, what malware needs to thrive in the system, and how to configure your system so that malware cannot live on it. We will cover what most of the malware do when they infect the system, where they copy their files, what settings they modify.

And based on this information we will cover system modifications that could be done to prevent malware from functioning properly in the system even if it would be able to get in the first place.


Jarno Niemela, Senior Researcher, F-Secure

Jarno Niemelä has spent the past 12 years at F-Secure security lab working on mobile threats, scan engines and for past couple years on analyzing and identifying malicious behavior and automatic malware. His current interest focuses on identifying patterns in malicious behavior and what hardening can be done to operating systems and applications to break those patterns.


Robert Freeman manages the IBM X-Force® Advanced Research team, which is a premiere applied security research organization with a strong emphasis on reverse engineering, vulnerability analysis, malware research, bug hunting, advanced protection technology research and new protection engine development. An increasingly global operation, X-Force Advanced Research stretches five countries in different areas of the world.