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Abu Dhabi Preview: Force multipliers on the Modern Battlefield
// Brad Barker, John Ortiz

thursday, Nov 17, 2011

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Introduction to More Advanced Steganography by John Ortiz


Through the use of technology, small groups of determined individuals can create a significant amount of disruption. What are some of the tactics and techniques used effectively used these small groups? What kinds of defenses or mitigating factors can help you or your organization?

How Social Media has Revolutionized Cyber Warfare by Brad Barker

Introduction to More Advanced Steganography by John Ortiz

Below are the abstracts from the two presenters:

How Social Media has Revolutionized Cyber Warfare by Brad Barker

In today's business environment, communication tools have made fast-paced business environment incredibly efficient as more early adopters of technology solutions conduct business at the speed of thought. No longer are we more likely to succeed based on where we live or work, "the cloud" levels the playing field.

We will describe in case studies, the evolution of the use of the cloud from the Mumbai attacks to the drug cartels use of social networking IP trace routing, geo-tagging to identify victims in the process of target selection. Also discussed will be the same methods of operation used to identify private individuals, corporations, government entities in ways it will be very difficult to defend and the difficulty involved in preventing them.


Introduction to More Advanced Steganography by John Ortiz

Steganography has advanced tremendously in the last few years and simple concepts have even been presented on mainstream TV. However, more sophisticated techniques are less well-known and may be overlooked by forensic analysts and even Steganalysis software.

This presentation will showcase several more advanced (and some unpublished) steganographic techniques, some with a very high data hiding capacities. One technique successfully hides 15% to 20% of data in a jpeg and YOU can't tell! That means your 8 MB jpeg image may contain 1.6 MB of covert data! An audio CD contains about 700 MB of data – even a modest 1% capacity allows for 7 MB of data.

The presentation embeds working demonstrations of several steganographic software programs so YOU can decide the effectiveness for yourself. Can you see or hear it? Will it be flagged by Steganalysis programs? We shall see … or not!


Brad Barker is the President and founder of the HALO Corporation, a California based Corporation founded by former Special Operations, National Security, and Intelligence personnel. HALO exists to provide safety and security for those in need and to improve force protection, as well as all aspects of security, humanitarian aid and disaster response.

Mr. Barker leads a team of global experts in the fields of Crisis management, Humanitarian Aid, National Security, Executive Protection, technology and curriculum development for Homeland Security and other agencies. Mr. Barker began his service to the United States Government after his former US Special Operations team deployed to Hurricane Katrina. Now the HALO Corporation has three divisions – Operations division, Science and Technology and Training and Education. Through these divisions we support the US Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Defense, as well as several corporate and private sector clients. The HALO Corporation has an emphasis on counter terrorism, risk management and threat mitigation. We are headquartered in San Diego and operate globally.

John Ortiz is currently a senior computer engineering consultant for Crucial Security Inc. working in the 90th Information Operations Squadron. In this position, he develops defensive tools to protect the Air Force's internal networks and researches novel techniques to solve practical cyber security problems.

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