Black Hat Asia 2014: Hacking for Everyone

Black Hat events aren't just for elite gurus. Case in point? Check out these first two Black Hat Trainings we have planned for Black Hat Asia Trainings 2014. Both aim to inform and educate a general audience in the particulars of hacking hardware. Of course, we'll also have plenty of the more specialized offerings we're famous for. There'll be something for everyone.

Chipping Away at Root: A Practical Exploration of Real World Hardware Hacking is a beginner-level Training that will provide a strong foundation for anyone who wants to learn the basics of hardware hacking and reverse engineering. This lab-dominated class will start with unwrapping a new piece of hardware, which you will learn to assess, exploit, and finally obtain persistent root shell on. Come learn to wield a soldering iron and logic analyzer, when to call upon a bus pirate, goodFet, or JTAG adapter, and various other tricks of the reverse-engineering trade.

If you'd like a variation on that theme you should check out Hands-On Hardware Hacking and Reverse Engineering. Lead by Joe Grand of L0pht Heavy Industries infamy, this course will give you a generalized introduction to hardware hacking and reverse engineering. Topics will include circuit board analysis and modification, embedded security, and common attack vectors. At the end you'll get to use your newfound skills to attack and defeat the security mechanisms of a custom circuit board. Sounds fun!

On a more specialized note we have Medical Monsters: Finding and Battling Demons in the Healthcare Technology. This Training is aimed at healthcare professionals who want to understand all of this new data that's flowing through their networks, and learn how to secure it. More than theoretical exercises, you'll be able to apply the course's hands-on lessons as soon as you return to your workplace.

Looking to register? Please visit Black Hat Asia 2014's registration page to get started. Lock in early-bird rates by January 24!

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